We are actively seeking the following to join our Dunedin firm:

Intermediate Commercial Lawyer

Intermediate Litigation Lawyer


In addition to these specific roles, we are always keen to hear from potential employees so if you are interested in a career with us, please forward your CV, cover letter and academic transcipt (if applicable) to:

Tracy Stevenson | Practice Manager

We understand that finding the right fit for you and your legal career is really important.  Here's what we value and offer our employees.

The fundamentals:

Most law firm websites have a page dedicated to the various “benefits” they offer their staff, often including:

  • flexible working arrangements
  • employee assistance programmes
  • social functions
  • flu vaccinations
  • competitive salaries
  • discounted legal transactions

For us these are a given, expected of any contemporary, progressive workplace and we don't consider them a selling point or particularly noteworthy. 

What really sets us apart: 

  • Premises:  Our brand new, custom designed premises in a prime location in the heart of the city.  We enjoy a light and airy designer office and meeting space.  The heritage and character features of our building have been respected and enhanced as part of its transformation into a modern and contemporary space and a truly lovely place to come to work. 
  • Health & Wellbeing:  We understand the health and wellbeing of our staff is fundamental to the success of our firm.  We are very fortunate to have Lauren Sheed on our team who not only works as our HR & Operations Administrator but is also a certified Reiki practitioner and Pilates teacher.  Lauren leads a morning pilates session and the occasional lunchtime meditation for our staff.  These are proving very popular and beneficial, providing opportunities to find some stillness, reduce stress and balance and clear the mind.
  • Mentoring & Support:  We place real importance on mentoring and supporting career progression.  We are intentional about support structures and every lawyer having regular, dedicated time for supervision with their supervising Partner. 
  • Teaching:  We know the value and benefits that come from having accessible senior lawyers who are keen, willing and able to offer guidance and assistance when needed.  We are open and honest about our expectation that senior staff learn how to teach and others and we provide support, encouragement and opportunities for this to occur.
  • Culture:  We focus on ensuring everyone can achieve their full potential and reach their career goals.  Our approach fosters a genuinely supportive, encouraging and empowering culture and provides opportunities for ongoing learning, development and refining of legal and business skills.
  • Equality & Community:  We are proud to be an equitable employer, we are signatories of the New Zealand Law Society Gender Equality Charter and also members of Womens Empowerment Principles (WEPS).  We support a range of community initiatives and are honorary solicitor for a number of local groups and charitable organisations.   

We also love to hear from our team – ideas are encouraged, innovation is welcomed and we are invested in our joint future.