Mediation Law

“Mediation: the process by which the participants, together with the assistance of a neutral person or persons, systematically isolate disputed issues in order to develop options, consider alternatives and reach a consensual agreement that will accommodate their needs” - Folberg & Taylor

Disputes can be costly, stressful and disruptive – both financially and emotionally. Mediation offers an effective, pragmatic and constructive process for resolving disputes and has a higher success rate than litigation. If you talk to people who have been engaged in a well-facilitated mediation, they usually report high satisfaction with the process and results.

Webb Farry Partner David Ehlers has completed extensive LEADR (Lawyers Engaged in Alternative Dispute Resolution) training and is particularly experienced in mediations relating to commercial/business disputes.

Examples of Webb Farry’s work with clients  

  • Acting for one party in a multi-party leaky building civil claim
  • Acting for the siblings in a multi-sibling family protection/testamentary promises dispute
  • Representing the Applicant in a complex relationship property dispute, involving alleged sham/alter ego and puppet trust arrangements
  • Acting for the Applicant in a dispute with a financial planning advisor’s company, involving alleged negligence in breach of the Consumer Guarantees Act
  • Acting for a party in a two-day mediation between two electricity line companies in relation to a joint venture
  • Assisting a client during a two-day mediation between a local contractor and the Dunedin City Council
  • Mediating a dispute for a national construction franchise in relation to a dairy conversion
  • Mediating for various building contractor disputes
  • Acting for one of the parties in a mediation between an irrigation company and an infrastructure supplier in relation to an irrigation scheme
  • Involvement in various mediations between family members during the unwinding of commercial arrangements

"We know how costly and stressful disputes can be. Our mediation team is vastly experienced and adept at helping our clients find practical and cost effective resolutions. "

Webb Farry’s Mediation Law team

David Ehlers